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LIAM Motion Control
Cinema Robot

Elevate your cinematic storytelling with our precision-designed Motion Control Cinema Robot for the Swiss film industry. Capture flawlessly smooth shots at any angle, with full control over focus, iris, and zoom. Programmable movements ensure repeatability, while external use expands possibilities. Easily control animation and F.I.Z. system with a laptop and Xbox controller.

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 Maximum speed: 4 m/s

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 Maximum range: 3.2 m [diameter]

 Maximum height: 2.5 m

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 Maximum Payload: 18 kg

AVA Motion
Control Cinema

Ava, an integral part of We Frame since its inception, has been a cornerstone of our team. Over the past few years, their role as Junior Motion Control has infused a fresh perspective and innovative approach. We can confidently say that We Frame has evolved positively with Ava on board, and their contributions have become indispensable to our collective success. Simply put, We Frame wouldn't be the same without Ava's invaluable presence.

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 Maximum speed: 4 m/s

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 Maximum range: 2.2 m [diameter]

 Maximum height: 1.97 m

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 Maximum load capacity: 10.9 kg

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Achieving the perfect shot requires precise coordination between camera movement, focus, and rigs on set. The Motion Control System enables seamless synchronization with other rigs, ensuring that various events can be triggered in perfect harmony with the camera movement.

Design and manufacture of various Rigs on Set

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Electronic Control and Programming of the Rigs

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Set, Rigs, Follow Focus, Robot and Camera Synchronized

Fine-tuning for the perfect action on set

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