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VEO 4K (Phantom Flex 4K) Slow Motion Camera

Base ISO 320T (Rolling shutter)

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Super 35mm sensor

4K at up to 1000 fps

Rent with the robot system or Camera with operator in switzerland

The Phantom VEO 4K slow-motion camera features a more compact housing than the Phantom Flex 4K. The sensor, resolution, compression, and maximum frame rate are identical between the two. Unlike the Phantom Flex 4K, data is not written to a storage medium within the camera; instead, it is directly loaded to the operator's laptop via a 10GB Ethernet connection. The VEO 4K's streamlined design makes it an ideal choice for seamless integration with motion control systems.

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RENT Slow Motion Camera 

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10 GB download of the footage on operator laptop

Camera for rent only with operator in switzerland

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We support you in the choice of light

The operator can program and control various triggers synchronized on the set

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